Cerita sedih semalam


Woke up to work as usual yesterday. Dina was already awake, and I was a little late. But then Dina doesn’t seem hungry, so I decided to pump for a while.

Settled everything, I went to the kitchen to see the fridge was slightly ajar. Allah! I checked, confirm, the 2 bottles in the fridge were off already.

Looked above, oh no!! Not the freezer too!! The Ebm that I packed in zipper bags were mostly fully thawed. And those in the bottles were half-melted. Dunno since when the fridge door was like that. Last I pur my ebm was noon the day before.

So here goes, half of my frozen ebm that had to be thrown away. Sobs sobs 😭😭😭

Sad, but I guess Allah has better plans for my baby. Maybe some of the frozen Ebm were off already, who knows, right?

Bersabarlah wahai hati. Sabar itu kan sebahagian dari iman πŸ™‚

Pic of my EBM, before I cleaned the bottles. My mom already thrown away half of them. 😒


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