Do we need supplements?

Do we really need supplements? Well, actually it depends on whom you asked. Some people says that supplements are just another way for people to make money. If we eat well-balanced, and variety of food, then why the need for supplements? Surely if you can get your daily intake if vitamins and minerals from your diet, then there’s no need for supplements. I agree.

BUT, yes, there is a but, if you really evaluate your diet, do you honestly think that you take well-balanced, varied diet? That the food you take are fresh in the right sense? (ie; freshly plucked from the tree, cooked and served immediately).

There are a few ways in how nutrients can be lost before it gets into our body;

1. Fruits and vegetables are grown as commodity, not as actual food source. This cause growers to breed genetically modified plants that produce ‘pretty’ and heavier fruits but tasteless, with less vitamins content.

2. Most fruits and vegetables sold in the market are prematurely picked. They’re picked green and doesn’t have a chance to sun-ripen. In return, these fruits doesn’t have the chance to develop sunlight related nutrients such as anthocyanins – the flavanoid that make cherries red and grapes purple. Anthocyanins are plants’ subscreen and give us protection against DNA damage, cancer, brain cell deterioration. The contents of nutrients in these prematurely picked fruits/vege are also much lesser compared to the ones that are picked at the right time.

3. Changing climates, commercial fertiliser abd changes in soil composition also results in vitamins drain in commercial produce.

4. Cooking process also affects the content of nutrients in food as some minerals and vitamins such as are sensitive to heat

5. Bad habits like smoking, alcohol consumption, high cholesterol and caffein diet also affects vitamins absorption and storage inside our body

6. Certain condition like pregnancy or chronic illness naturally lower our immune system, hence the need for supplements

7. We are also exposed to free radicals from general pollution on a daily basis which in turn increases the amount of toxins in our body

But of course, supplements are what they are – SUPPLEMENTS! They could never replace actual food. We must of course eat healthy, balanced diet. Buy organic produce if you must. And supplements, if taken in the right dosage, will help to complete our nutrients requirement. Adequate nutrients, help smoothened our body system and in turn promote good health. Too much, and it might cause your body harm. Choose your supplements wisely, and you will feel the difference.

At the end of the day, regardless what people say, it is your choice. 🙂

Bersederhana itu lebih baik 😉

credit: wellness international network
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