VIVIX _ satu revolusi baru…


Sempena promo Vivix bulan ni, saya just nak share sikit VIVIX testimoni yang saya jumpa online… (international Shaklee user). Alhamdulillah..seronok bila baca tentang orang-orang yang dah pernah dapat manfaat daripada Vivix.. Ada pesakit stroke, ada pesakit arthritis, ada pesakit kanser, ada pesakit diabetes..

Tak, saya tak suruh anda makan vivix, lepas tu tak jumpa doktor dan kemudian tiba-tiba ajaib jadi sihat..Saya maksudkan Vivix sebagai supplement tambahan untuk baikpulih sel-sel badan di samping ubat-ubatan. Kemudian bila sel badan dah pulih, tak perlulah kita nak bergantung pada ubatan yang kita tahu memang ada kesan jangka panjang terhadap organ dan tubuh kita..

Health is wealth, kan?

Ni yang saya petik dari

Stroke Recovery: A massive stroke 3 1/2 years ago (doctors attribute to my irregular heartbeat– I believe it was stress) attacked my right brain (and basil ganglia) leaving my left side totally unavailable and the right brain majorly stressed, reactive, and depressed. Never totally giving up, taking handfuls of Shaklee supplements, exercising, listening to motivational cd’s, getting Brain Gym balances, regular chiropractic care, etc., my progress was evident to those who knew me, including my doctors. But what they didn’t see was the exhaustion and struggle it took. Then along came Vivix, August 15, less than 6 weeks ago. First I thought it was probably the placebo effect, but today I can
tell you a few of the things I KNOW have changed:

BALANCE–so bad in the past that one of the many falls landed me under my rolling car, crushing my right leg, though not the bone. My balance has improved so much I now climb stairs, carrying some thing in EACH hand, and not even holding onto the rail.
ENERGY–so different now I can do 30 minutes on the treadmill, noting my improved heart rate & instead of having to take a nap, I take off to do errands, deliver Shaklee and attend a Spanish Class in which I am much more focused.
FOCUS-Always had ADD and hypoglycemia; worse since numerous car wrecks in the 80’s and the more recent stroke. I am experiencing now more blood sugar balance and longer attention spans–just finished reading a whole book in a couple of days and, most assuredly, I am making an A in the Spanish class (where my classmates & teacher are @ 1/3 my age).So I would say my mental acuity and memory are enhanced as well!
ATTITUDE–OH MY GOSH! I woke up this morning, like most others since starting on this magical stuff, full of vitality & optimism, and HAPPY.
LIFE IS GOOD! Thank you Shaklee! I have my life back, better than ever!

MANY RESULTS: I am finally up to my full tsp of Vivix! And I am as glad as ever that I didn’t give up. I already mentioned the white coating on my tongue clearing up (there are only a few small bumps now way in the back), and that I had sun damaged skin that was clearing up very noticeably (the dark brown splotches are disappearing and it is not extremely red anymore) — but, I am also sleeping much better now (amazing about the vivid dreams – wonder why that effect?), and not only do I have more energy than ever, but also a calmness I didn’t have before. One thing my best friend noticed, though, before I did, was that my hands were not visibly shaking any more. (I have had essential tremors in both hands since I was 16 and I have one son who already has it! I am 52 now, so it has been pretty bad at times) I can’t say it is totally gone – but my right hand especially is markedly improved (my handwriting had gotten extremely sloppy over the years – but, now I can actually write slow again without the writing being all wobbly!) So, that is something I hadn’t even expected to happen at all….. (but definitely thrilled about — I am hoping now that I just started on the full amount it may improve even more). And, since you mentioned the fingernails ……… mine are the healthiest they’ve been in many years. (They have been thin & ‘peeled’ easy, which kept them broken and short). They are hard as a rock and no chipping or peeling now!

As for Vivix itself being the direct cause of all this I can’t say for sure, because of having chronic fatigue from the early 90’s I also did not absorb nutrients well. Now that I am on the Vivix, I think it is doing what Dr. Brouse explained on his teleconference call – and that is how the Vivix sort of causes the body to “recycle” the nutrients to get more out of less (he explained much better than that, I know). Anyway, I think that part of what is happening for me is from the direct result of what Vivix does for our cells – and the other is the Vivix making what I am already taking work better. What matters most is the results everyone is getting (which I am sure is why all the backorder problems!!) Thank you to Shaklee once again for improving our lives so dramatically! Shari Root /SC

Boleh baca testimoni

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Atau hubungi saya

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A Doctor by profession, a blessed mother of 3, a wife, daughter and sister. I'm also your preferred Shaklee Independent Distributor (ID 887121). Apart from treating patients using medicines, I believe in giving our body the best nutrition via food and supplements to maintain health and improve our quality of life. Feel free to whatsapp me at 016-6658245 for consultation.

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