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Sempena ulang tahun Vitalea yang KESERATUS TAHUN!
Haa seratus tahun tau usia multivitamin lengkap Shaklee ni. Clinical test kat Vitalea ni je ada beratus-ratus.

Sebab hari jadi dia yang ke seratus tu, maka Shaklee bermurah hati untuk bagi FREE JE kat u olls.


1. Register sebagai ahli (rm65 + GST)
2. Beli minimum 1 barang Shaklee (paling murah herbal blend krim RP RM 27.50)
3. Duit pos RM10 + GST

Tu je..

Haaa.. senang ke senang??

Untung sangat tau, sebab Shaklee Vitalea ni Harga dia RM88.75 (120biji).

Jom WA 016-6658245 laju-laju.



A Doctor by profession, a blessed mother of 3, a wife, daughter and sister. I'm also your preferred Shaklee Independent Distributor (ID 887121). Apart from treating patients using medicines, I believe in giving our body the best nutrition via food and supplements to maintain health and improve our quality of life. Feel free to whatsapp me at 016-6658245 for consultation.

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