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I was googling about breastfeeding tips when I found this animation:


Guys, have you ever felt this way?

You feel sorry for your wife but don’t think you can do much about it. Suggesting formula is pretty much out of the question; instead of helping, you might just make your wife more pissed than ever (what with the hormones, tiredness and all hahaha). So, what can you do? Let her be?


There are many many ways how fathers and husbands can help both your beautiful wife and darling baby. The key is to just ASK! Ask your wife if she needed anything, and if you want to please her somemore than here’s some tips:

1. Bring her water and snacks while she’s breastfeeding. Mind you, breastfeeding is a serious business, and like us, some babies just prefer to enjoy their meal. Sipping away like nobody’s business and that can last more than an hour. So bring her some drinks, or ask her if she needed her phone or a book while feeding your baby.

2. Mind you, she also burn about 500kcal during bfeeding. So, please keep the snacks and drinks handy. I am always really thirsty after feeding my baby, that I always keep a bottle of water nearby.

3. Learn how to bottle feed the baby with EBM. So you can bond with your baby while your wife can have a proper meal or a shower or some ME time.

4. Help her prepare her pump, and storage bottles ready for work the next day.

5. Do other house chores like laundry, sweep the floor, or cook dinner! (Just make sure you clean up the mess after cooking!!!)

6. Be supportive. Read up about breastfeeding, understand it, and help your wife get through sinister remarks from your great aunt or beloved neighbours.

7. Help burp the baby after feed.

8. Remember that breastfeeding is Sunnah and your wife is giving your baby the best food he/she can have at that early age. That should remind you to help around more often.

Hope that can help you to get started. If anyone has ideas, do share your tips with us!

Last but not least: Enjoy the moment. It won’t last forever.

Dr Ieja 😉



A Doctor by profession, a blessed mother of 3, a wife, daughter and sister. I'm also your preferred Shaklee Independent Distributor (ID 887121). Apart from treating patients using medicines, I believe in giving our body the best nutrition via food and supplements to maintain health and improve our quality of life. Feel free to whatsapp me at 016-6658245 for consultation.

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