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Alhamdulillah, hari pertama bekerja selepas 7 bulan cuti. Hehehe perasaannya? Malas sikit, tapi ok je sebenarnya.. dan syukur jugak hari ni takde appointment patient, jadi aman dan damai je lah..

Ada rakan yang tanya tercapai tak cita-cita sepanjang bercuti?

Hmmm… personally,
Target kat bisnes memang tak tercapai lah. Kalut nak jadi WAHM. Tak terurus hahhaa

Tapi, saya gembira jaga anak-anak sendiri. Walaupun ada hari rasa nak gigit sorang sorang sebab geram..dan ada hari rasa nak lari dari rumah sebab stress. Hahhaa

But, stay at home mom, I truly respect you to stay and care for your family. Despite the chaos, ketaksempatan dan kepeningan dengan karenah anak-anak.
One may walk into my house and say; duduk rumah ke kerja, sama je. Duduk rumah lagi teruk. Memanglah. Sebab bila kerja, takde orang nak sepahkan rumah. Bila duduk rumah, the tidiness can last like 3minutes? May be less. Hahaha.

Oh well.

But I think, I function better if I’m working. A bit orderly I supposed. A bit lah. But I do love being able to go anywhere, anytime without having to think about applying for cuti.

Hmm.. will need to find some flexible job later. Hehehhe

Have a blessed Monday.

And yes, The Doctor is back! 🙂



A Doctor by profession, a blessed mother of 3, a wife, daughter and sister. I'm also your preferred Shaklee Independent Distributor (ID 887121). Apart from treating patients using medicines, I believe in giving our body the best nutrition via food and supplements to maintain health and improve our quality of life. Feel free to whatsapp me at 016-6658245 for consultation.

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